YERUSHAMINDIE – Grailsummer & Dondo & DJ RAMZY Al SpinozA



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YERUSHAMINDIE – Grailsummer & Dondo & DJ RAMZY Al SpinozA

Micheal and Shimrit Grailsummer will make you feel that you are in your own living room, in the best sense of this feeling. This unique show combines singing and Michael’s amazing violin playing with Shimrit’s moving and sweeping singing and guitar playing (acoustic and electric). As part of the show they will meet Daniel Gavrieli-Dondo, a creator and poet that sings and plays the guitar, striving to shine a clear and present light around and within. Connecting string instruments from different schools to create fascinating innovation. Bass and vocal: Ohad Eilam, on the drums: Uriel Sverdin And the Grand Finale: a party with DJ Ramzy Al Spinoza – the best of contemporary music exclusively in Arabic.

Photography: Noam Rivkin-Penton
Doors open at 20:00
We recommend coming early in order to enjoy the rich menu offered at the venue – dairy, vegetarian, vegan – kosher.

רכישת כרטיסים

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