Beit Mazia


The premiere of the Jerusalem Dance Theater Company that is comprised of two dance works of the Italian/German creators – Roberto Scafati, Director of the Trier Theater Ballet Company in Germany, and Eyal Nachum, the artistic manager of the Jerusalem Dance Theater Company. Nachum’s “The Inconceivable Appearance of Regularity / The Collapse of the Renowned Symphonies” addresses “appearance” as a combative cultural arena with wide ranging contrasts. This arena is controlled through superficial ideas and social arrangements of dominant societal trends. The work in its choreographic language attempts to distort movement conventions and to present them for all intents and purposes as aesthetic expressions, as an alternative developmental process.

Artistic management: Eyal Nachum
Choreography: Eyal Nachum / Roberto Scafati
Photography: Shalom Buaron

רכישת כרטיסים

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