Tomorrow we will Laugh



Khan Theater

Tomorrow we will Laugh

Five prominent artists discover that their time has passed. In an attempt to leave their mark they decide to roll a grand piano to the North Pole for a once in a lifetime performance. Ecclesiastes, Rabbi Nachman, old-age, airplanes and wine are connected in a contemporary fantasy of laughter and crying.

“The Thea-Tron” is a Jerusalem ensemble that creates while striving to connect the Jewish theological content world and the world of the theatrical medium. The ensemble found a home in the Khan Theater and is accompanied artistically by the theater’s artistic team.

Play: Nadav Zedaka and Netanela Tirosh
Director: Keren Hovav
Dramaturgy: Shlomit Cohen Scali
Content accompaniment: Yossi Fruman
Stage and costumes: Nofar Drezner
Music: Nadav Vikinsky
Lighting: Rotem Alroy
Actors: Israel Pneiel, Yana Shelly, Netanela Tirosh, Nir Menki, Saar Shani
Photography: Yael Ilan

רכישת כרטיסים

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