This is How Songs Come to Be



Uri Zvi Greenberg House

This is How Songs Come to Be

Lior Shir-Ran and Moshe Waldman, a pair of Jerusalem creators in a joint original show in honor of the Jerusalem Festival. They perform their songs that were written in this city. Songs from the walls of the city, about the city and from within it. Special guest: the Jerusalem female singer of religious liturgical poems, creator and singer, Ziva Atar. The performance is in cooperation with Mekorock Israel, Beit Midrash Elul and the department of music in Jerusalem.

Guitar and vocal: Moshe Waldman
Piano, accordion and singing: Lior Shir-Ran
Bass guitar: Shira Hirst
Percussion: Gamliel Harris
Songs and arrangements: Moshe Waldman and Lior Shir-Ran
Photography: Tal Kushner, Meital Carmel and Olga Yeroshenko

רכישת כרטיסים

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