The Form of the Really Beautiful Things




The Form of the Really Beautiful Things

Daniella Spector is a guest in an acoustic solo show with guitar and piano. A special show as part of the exhibition “The way of things to come”. The exhibition examines ways to observe the future as reflected in the artworks of six leading artists – as a dream, a metamorphosis or prophecy, or by involvement in technology or planning as activities that offer security in the face of the unknown.

Artists present: Natalie Eylon, Eli Gur-Arie, Yotam Dvir, Yaakov Israel, Shahar Lattice, Lihi Turgeman. Curator: Smadar Zuk. Performance: Daniella Spector
Cinematography: Liat Elbling

Image: Elad Sarig

רכישת כרטיסים

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