The New Silk Road – From China to Italy



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The New Silk Road – From China to Italy

The program includes songs from China, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Italy.
The silk roads connected distant peoples and cultures for thousands of years. The roads made possible not only the exchange of goods but also the exchange of ideas, as well as mutual influences of visual arts and music.
China is currently more accessible than in the past. We collected some musical gems from there, and we are proud to be the first Israeli ensemble to sing in Chinese in Israel.
We walked in the footsteps of the Muslim merchants that set out from Arab countries on the exhausting journey eastward, and we will perform songs in Arabic. We will perform a famous classical Turkish song (Katibiim) in its original arrangement and a poetic love song in Georgian (Suliko). From Russia we will bring a song-dance and also a prayer, and at the end of the journey we will reach Italy and surprise you with, among other things, the familiar song “volare” in a new musical arrangement.

Performance: Jerusalem A-Cappella Singers
Conductor: Judi Axelrod
Soloists: Zhu Xiao Mei, Muhammad Abu Snina
Piano: Tavor Gochman
Darbuka: Amit Pel

Photography: Andrea Krugman

רכישת כרטיסים

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