The Messiah Walks into a Bar…



Yellow Submarine

The Messiah Walks into a Bar…

Did you ever sit in a classical music concert and feel that you want to get up and dance? To cheer? To be more involved and more actively participate and respond? Not to sit mummy-like, in polite silence, without waiting until the end of the musical piece in order to clap in a measured applause. Here it comes – The Messiah Walks into a Bar offers a rare and unique opportunity to experience the best classical music in a different, unabashed and updated manner. The music – we didn’t alter it, just changed the setting. Come to the Yellow Submarine and find that there isn’t really any place to sit. The space for the audience is empty for dancing. And the beer? It’s on us.
The Oratorio Jerusalem Capellatte Choir in a performance of Handel’s Messiah
in a joint performance with dancers from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Movement department,
and with you, the audience…

Naama Nazarathy Gordon – conductor, Jerusalem Oratorio Capellatte Choir
Dr. Dana Bar – Head of the Movement department, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
Marina Sheivitz – piano
Dr. Tanya Sermer – artistic producer, Jerusalem Oratorio Choir
Photography: Yael Ilan

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