Tapas of Rhythms



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Tapas of Rhythms

A celebration of rhythms and dances in a variety of musical styles and a common denominator – the joy of rhythm. The performance is divided into two parts: in the first part the audience can choose between a tango and a swing performance. Every performance includes professional dancers that dance to the music of the orchestra and then invite interested individuals to join and learn the basic steps. Amateur and professional dancers are invited to dance and enjoy the sounds of the ensembles: the Tango Bar tango ensemble directed by Eduardo Abramson and the Zlilei Hahoshen ensemble directed by Michael Bendikov. In the second part of the show,Yogev Shitrit’s trio will host the Alpert Municipal Music Center Tzeadim Ensemble, directed by Omar Jabar. This ensemble emerged from a project that combined gypsy players and players from Eastern Jerusalem. This exciting and special jazz performance offers a unique combination of east and west.


*In stormy weather the performance will move to the municipal library.

The tango and swing workshops are free of charge, with advance registration to ticket holders to the main performance.

You can also register to the workshops based on availability.

Telephone for advance registration- the music center, 14:00-19:00, 02-5456288/9

Register early, the number of places is limited!

18.00 – Tango, Tango Bar Ensemble, Kolben Dance hall

18.00 – Swing, Tzlilei Hahoshen, Pritzker Square*

20.00 – Jazz, Yogev Shitrit Trio with Tzeadim Ensemble, Leo Model Hall

Producer: Roni Glass. Artisic directors: Orna Magen and Eduardo Abramson
Photography: Ilia Kitzis

רכישת כרטיסים

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