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Tahel, a creator-singer, producer and audio-visual artist, offers a groundbreaking combination of art, sound and technological innovation. Following successful performances at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, the The Eretz Israel Museum, the Menorat Leila Festival in Tel Aviv, SOFAR sounds music events and more, she will now perform at the Jerusalem Arts Festival.

Tahel’s style has earned the the name “Origami-Dream-Pop” following the unique origami-LED outfit she wears when she performs. The outfit includes a system of internal led lights that react in real time to music and enable the audience to enjoy an audio-visual multi-sensory show, and to experience not only how the music sounds, but also how it “looks”.

Tahel’s classic background as an opera singer, the gentle and sophisticated melodies of her songs combined with the electronic production inspired by the worlds of trip-hop, chillout and alternative, create a unique and distinct D.N.A that is entirely her own.

Guitar – Gan Ganor, drums – Nitai Ram, vocal and electronics – Tahel Klein


Photography: Nadav Yahalomi

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