Poetry in Motion



Beit Mazia

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion is a series of animated films accompanying spoken-word segments in Hebrew. Created in a collaboration between animation artists and prominent Israeli spoken word artists, it offers a ‘song in two voices’ – one visual and the other verbal. The films were created using varied techniques, while giving the writers and directors full artistic freedom.

Poetry in Motion is a project of both cultural and artistic value that offers quality contents to the general public, a unique meeting point between artists and a bridge between different artistic fields.



Spoken Word

Roie Ravitzky

Amit Ulman/ Pedro Gras

Omer Hebron/ Jimbo Jay

Nir Kofler/ Ellen Footles

Erik Aber

Yael Hetz

Tal Cohen

Yoav Talmor

Anat Driemer

Tchelet Zohar

Animation directors:

Ofer Vinter and Shimon Engel, Dov Abramson Studio

Yali Herbet

Ron Levin

Eyal Oren

Liron Noronsky

Lee Dror

Hila Mutayin

Efrat Dahan

Uri Goldberg

Mor Gelfrin

Artistic management:

Eric Aber

Nili Kofler

Yael Ozsinai


The Incubator Theater

רכישת כרטיסים

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