Revolutionary Women



Beit Mazia

Revolutionary Women

What happens in the bedroom of the father of psychoanalysis and what part did the psychologist’s wife play in the theories about women’s sexuality? How was the role of the Baronness von Westphalen forgotten, the woman who gave up her aristocratic titles and became Mrs. Marx, even though the story of her life is the embodiment of the socialist revolution? And could it be that Xanthippe, the wife of the founder of Western philosophy, who was the breadwinner of the family, became the symbol of an evil woman that makes her husband’s life miserable? The play “Revolutionary Women” deals in three fateful nights in the lives of the three couples, and for the first time saves Martha, Jenny and Xanthippe from the depths of oblivion.

Play: Yosefa Even-Shoshan and Dalia Shimko
Director: Dalia Shimko
Inspired by the book “Damn, We Forgot Madame Freud Again!” by Francoise Xenakis.
Photography: David Kaplan

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