The Rhinoceros


I do not want the work to be based on a concept that is known in advance, even if there is a certain idea. But rather, will be born out of the special encounter between myself and the dancers. This work will gather into it and will resonate as many parameters as possible about all of us, in terms of the emotion, sensations, memories, thoughts, desires, aspirations and beliefs. My desire in this work is that every minute a totality and uniqueness will be distilled, and that there will be a moment that will charge use and the audience with something unforgettable, even if elusive, and that even if very simple, natural and familiar, such as the simple and magical moments that are etched into our system forever and become part of our life experience whether or not we remember and understand them. I believe that movement, with all its endless colors and possibilities, can be universal, and can contain and express rich human presence in this manner. This is what we seek.

The performance is only for women

Alex Shmorek – choreographer, dancers – The Jerusalem Project
Photography: Lea Weizman

רכישת כרטיסים

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