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Non Non Fiction

“We possess art lest we perish from truth”, Nietzsche’s famous saying defines the relationship between art and truth in terms of protection. According to this outlook, the role of art is to protect us from truth. This notion led us to a re-examine the relationship between art and truth through works that tell fictitious stories. Does art in general, and art that deals in falsehood in particular, protect us from the truth, or in fact reveal the naked truth? Is the role of the fictitious in works to convince us to believe in a lie and to distance us from the truth, or rather to bring us closer to it? The exhibition seeks to examine whether fictitious stories teach us about our world more than “true” stories. As part of the opening event the show of the performance artist Israel Erlanger, “I, Andy; A Tribute to Andy Kaufman” will be performed. The performance examines the relationship between lies and what poses as art.

Curators: Dvir Shaked and Moran Solimirsky Noam. Performance: Israel Erlanger

David Duvshani, felt pens on paper 2018

רכישת כרטיסים

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