My Grandfather is the Chief of the General Staff



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My Grandfather is the Chief of the General Staff

While waiting for his grandfather to arrive, the man tells us about the man who raised him following events that separated the family. Now he is trying to bring back his accountant grandfather, a man who now believes that he is the Chief of the General Staff. His attempts reveal the special human relationship between the two during the journey from “the headquarters of the chief of the general staff” on the way to receive a lifetime award for his activity as an accountant. A funny and human story about the strength of the family. A play written and acted by Nir Strauss, winner of the best actor award of the Festival in Haifa, and directed by Eliran Caspi. “My Father is the Chief of the General Staff” is a human experience that turns the well of potential tears – although there are some real ones – into a love story.” Zvi Goren, Habama

Play and acting: Nir Strauss; Director: Eliran Caspi
Photography: Orly Kotik / Yossi Tzveker

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