Uri Zvi Greenberg House


A poetry “performance” that exposes the audience to the multi-voice interior that exists in the world of each and every poet. At times this multi-voice exists peacefully within itself and at other times there is tension, and even contradiction. We are the Liba Ensemble, a group of Jerusalem poets. We began our work together about one year ago at the Uri Zvi Greenberg House. Women and men, city and desert-dwellers, from Tekoa, Saint Petersburg , Gush Etzion, Rehavia, Nachlaot, Ein Karem and the Binyamin region. We all have a deep relationship to Jerusalem. Our poetic expression is different and varied, as are the topics of our writing and our performance mediums, from reading poetry to an audience to use of movement, sound, music and video. The Liba Ensemble is happy to perform “Inverse”, a new and original evening, at the Jerusalem Arts Festival.

Liba Ensemble: Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin, Yifat Israel, Karina Linetzky, Shmuel Munitz, Gal Cohen, Efrat Nehama, Dael Rodriguez Garcia, Shefi Rozentzweig.

Artistic management: Efrat Ben-Yehuda Levin, Karina Linetzky

Production: Uri Zvi Greenberg House

Direction, photography and editing, video poetry: Lital Shachar
Photography: Hadar Bashari and Maxim Deinstein

רכישת כרטיסים

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