Illusions I Did Not Make Up



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Illusions I Did Not Make Up

Out of nothing ‘ by: Yael Rowe – premiere

A duet work that presents a map of possibilities for interpreting reality.

The work combines murals and body paintings that clarify the lack of clarity, the unknown and the illusion of control.

‘Colorful Obsessive Thoughts’ by Michal Mag
Docu-reality soap opera about who we are and who we are not.
In the age of Instagram, YouTube and Facebook we are inundated with endless specifications about ‘what our life should look like’. What you should wear, how you should exercise and what you should eat. In fact, in many ways we are are turning ourselves into a consumer product. However, what happens when the product that is us expires? Or breaks?

The show/performance combines theater, dance, installation and cakes.

‘ Out of nothing ‘
Performers: Yael Rowe and Bar Nahum
Dramaturgy: Nofar Sela
Music: Eldar Baruch
Supported by Yael – Home for Independent Dance Creators in Jerusalem

Colorful Obsessive Thoughts:
Artistic accompaniment – Hanan Anando Mars
Costume and accessory design: Alina Deoxy, Dana Takach
Performance manager – Rimon Itzkovitz
Poetry – Dalia Rabikovitz, Miri Ben Simhon
The performance was created with the support of – Shalem Dance Center*
Photography: Leon Lowie

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