“Douze-Points” – the best of the Eurovision songs



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“Douze-Points” – the best of the Eurovision songs

The “Pas-Kol” Ensemble is a Jerusalem group comprised of amateur singers of varied ages and professions. In the past the ensemble produced successful musical productions on themes such as “Manos Hatzidakis”, “the songs of Aris San”, “Ladinonostalgy”, the “Song of Songs” and more. Its additional successful achievements also include: first prize in national singing group competition at the Arad Festival in 1995 and participation in the prestigious Israel Festival in 1998. In recent years the ensemble took part in the Jerusalem Arts Festival with a variety of original programs. This year, with the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Israel, the ensemble will premier a new and original production with the best of the Contest’s songs in a variety of languages. The performance will be accompanied by a live orchestra, a presentation and talking segments in-between the songs. The show will also include the Pirouette Dance Company, the Bein Hashemashot and Lea Toren and Dalia Cohen as moderators and singers.

Vocal ensemble: “Pas-Kol”
Musical director: Yossi Devara
Director: Aviad Borak
Musical director “Bein Hashemashot”: Shalom Soto
“Pirouette” Group , the Dance Center in Jerusalem
Artistic direction and choreography: Tali Yaffe-Niv
Manager: NIssim Niv
Photography: Shmuel Cohen

רכישת כרטיסים

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