A Belly-Full Cabaret



Beit Mazia

A Belly-Full Cabaret

A Belly-Full, a colorful women’s cabaret. Sounds. Colors. Laughter. Freedom. Dreams. Pain. Worries. Food. Love. The cabaret brings to the stage the story of real-life heroines, the women who do not give up. Who continue in the world despite everything they kept deep in their stomachs, and define differently – regardless of the challenges – what is love and what is power. Seven journeys of seven characters towards freedom and towards the possibility to dream, to realize dreams and even to fly. Together with Geula the prison guard, doctor Figura, Trunia Kugelman the bride instructor, Noa the zumba instructor and additional characters we will challenge what has been dictated to women throughout their life and what appears to be unequivocal reality. We will find keys and openings within this reality for change and growth, we will laugh, cry, eat and dance with these women, courageous women with a full stomach.

Director: Bosmat Hazan
Writers: Bosmat Hazan and Nirit Neuman-Greenberg with Ronit Avrahamof-Shapira
Songs: Heli Reuven, Nirit Neuman-Greenberg and Noa Ritzke
Singing and acting: Nirit Neuman-Greenberg, Efrat
Kuzin and Sivan Buchheim
Music: Noa Ritzke
Design: Tamar Ginaty

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