A journey of Klezmer music



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A journey of Klezmer music

The Israel Klezmer Orchestra is a large Israeli musical ensemble, one of its kind in the world, that performs klezmer music – the popular musical tradition of east European Jews. The orchestra’s repertoire includes instrumental music, songs in a variety of languages and traditional Jewish dances.
The orchestra’s activities are both artistic and social. In its performances the orchestra interacts with the audience – which is invited to dance and sing, and to be part of the musical happening.
The orchestra’s players are young and talented musicians, graduates of academic music institutions in Israel.
The orchestra was established in 2017 by Gershon Leizerson – an Israeli Klezmer musician, conductor, composer, teacher and researcher of Jewish music, and a graduate of the Israel Music Academy in Tel Aviv.

Israel Klezmer Orchestra
Photography: Dan Shenkar

רכישת כרטיסים

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