4Her – Memory and Dream



Bible Lands Museum

4Her – Memory and Dream

A multi-disciplinary, museum-dependent art experience that delves into past consciousness, collective memory and the subconscious. Four independent artists from the dance and performance fields turn the Bible Lands Museum of ancient civilizations into a stage for contemporary and original artworks about memory, consciousness and identity. After diving into the depths we will take off for a dream party. We invite you to an intimate, magical and consciousness expanding evening.

Reflections by Sigal Armoza – Premiere
A creation about the dream as a personal and universal human experience that reflects emotional conditions from the repressed subconscious to the sublime and the noble. Contemporary dance combined with live deejaying

“he Forest Child’ by Natalie Dvir
Poetic dance of dolls about the human need to hold on to fear. Combined with live music played by cellist Reli Margalit

The Face Behind the Face by Mia Yogal – Premiere
Solo work for a woman creating out of life itself. Noa wanders in a different existential space, in a place where the social order unravels and challenges the existing order.

Slice by Sophia Krantz
Solo for a woman and her rhythms, moving between memory and imagination, between present and past, girl, woman, associations,memories and personal and social symbols.

Curator and artistic accompaniment: Department of Dance, Culture and Arts -Jerusalem Municipality
Creators: Sigal Armoza, Natalie Dvir, Maya Yogel, Sophia Krantz

Reflections by Sigal Armoza
Creator dancers: Sigal Armoza, Aoi Kagaya
Sound design and DJ: Tali Ben Itzhak
Dancer creator and partner to the floor duet: Dikla Rezevski

“The Forest Child” by Natalie Dvir
Music: Reli Margalit
Artistic accompaniment and puppet consulting: Yaara Goldring
Supported by Yael – House for Independent Dance Creators in Jerusalem

The Face Behind the Face by Mia Yogel
Created and performed by: Maya Yogal
Supported by Yael – House for Independent Dance Creators in Jerusalem

Slice by Sophia Krantz
Chorography and costumes: Sophia Krantz
Music: Assaf James Bar-On
Props: Aufschnitt Berlin
Photography: Amit Shabi

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