Shai Tzabari and the Jerusalem Street Orchestra



Jerusalem Theater

Shai Tzabari and the Jerusalem Street Orchestra

Shay Tsabari has performed throughout Israel and abroad for the past four years, dazzling audiences and venues. Now he comes to Jerusalem for a unique, fascinating and one-time joint project with the Jerusalem Street Orchestra. The Street Orchestra, directed by Ido Shpitalnik, will appear with a particularly diverse group of 15 musicians that will connect to the groove, the beat and the soul of Shay’s finest hits, including: Ma`alai Dmama, Ana Ana Ana, Avo Begvurot Adir, Lavi Oti, Rak Baleilot and much more.

The relationship between Shay and Ido that led to the fascinating connection of the different musical worlds will erupt in full force in Jerusalem, especially for the opening of the Festival, in a unique, enchanting and one-time performance. All the arrangements for the performance were especially created by the Street Orchestra’s Music Arranger Workshop under the direction of Udi Perlman.

The opening performance will be followed by a parade of the Las Piratas Piratas street brass band. The public is invited!

Photography: Zohar Ron

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